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Zillow’s Beverly Jackson on bringing real estate marketing closer to home

When Zillow launched its recent ad campaign, it focused on attracting first-time home buyers. Since many of those buyers are millennials, Zillow’s VP of brand and product marketing, Beverly Jackson, shared on The Current Podcast that advertising through connected TV, mobile, podcasts, movie premieres, and sports were important tools to reaching them.

Key to this campaign was evolving the Zillow brand as more than just a place to look at homes and capturing the power of real estate advertising on a local level.

“People were super surprised to see us show up in a big way in a lot of our important local markets,” Jackson says. “Because remember, home buying in the real estate market is a national concept, right? And technology makes it accessible to everyone, democratizing information and making it accessible to everyone. But buying a home is a neighborhood experience, it's a local experience.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Jackson shares why Zillow’s customers are its North Star, simplifying the housebuying process through its marketing, and why working at the company has special importance for her as a Black woman.