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71% of TV viewers in Southeast Asia watch ad-supported streaming

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Sarah Kim / Getty / The Current

Here’s the thing:

TV watchers in Southeast Asia are accelerating the shift to streaming. We know this because a new study from Magnite, examining how consumer attitudes and behaviors are impacting the future of streaming, reveals that ad-supported streaming viewers are closing the gap on traditional TV viewership in the region. In fact, the report indicates 71% of TV viewers surveyed in Southeast Asia are now watching ad-supported streaming, on par with traditional viewers (75%). In addition, approximately 90% of this audience considers streaming services a must-have in their household.

Data debrief:

The study also finds strong engagement among ad-supported streamers, with 92% identifying as engaged viewers. By contrast, 62% of social media users surveyed in the study say the user-generated videos on social don’t hold their attention.

What’s more, personalization can enhance the value exchange, viewers say. Indeed, 91% of respondents say they trust the ads they see on ad-supported streaming platforms.

The survey, conducted in September 2023, captures the responses of more than 6,000 Southeast Asian individuals who watch seven or more hours of TV a week, including streaming. Markets include Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Why it matters:

The shift in TV viewing habits in Southeast Asia can be indicative of how the streaming boom is reshaping viewership landscapes across the globe. As streaming continues to chip away at linear TV viewing, advertisers are likely adjusting their strategies to meet consumer needs.

In Southeast Asia, viewers surveyed are more willing to share information to see relevant ads, according to the Magnite study. Moreover, 89% of ad-supported streaming viewers reveal they’re more likely to consider purchasing a product or service if the ads are targeted to them.

The Readout: Ad-supported streaming viewership narrows gap with traditional TV.