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Tubi’s Nicole Parlapiano on sustaining growth after virality

A month out from Super Bowl LVIII, brands are gearing up for their planned splashes and hoping to be the talk of the game. Last year, Tubi was one of those brands, creating viral buzz that led to actual business growth with its “Interface Interruption” ad.

On the back of that success, Tubi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nicole Parlapiano, shares on The Current Podcast how celebrating that triumph was short-lived.

“I literally basked in it for three days and then I was like ‘Oh, this is definitely a hard thing to follow,’” Parlapiano says. “And I think you can’t put pressure on things like that. The bigger campaigns we’ve done since then are similarly just looking at the moment we’re in, really being considerate about who the audience is […]Instead of letting the content lead us, we really let the viewer and the audience lead where we go […] They tell us what we need to do, if we’re listening.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Parlapiano breaks down how free ad-supported television fits into the streaming space, why lo-fi creative content is catching her eye, and her advice to young marketers climbing the ladder.