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AMC's Kim Granito on how its genre fandoms, from "The Walking Dead" to "Mad Men," inspired their streaming strategy

AMC Networks’ Kim Granito is just over three months into her new role as the entertainment brand’s head of marketing, but with 12 years under her belt at AMC already, she is stepping into the role with a wealth of knowledge on how the network fits within the vast entertainment landscape.

In the streaming space, Granito shared on The Current Podcast that while many platforms are trying to be something to everyone, AMC’s approach is different — they want to be everything to someone. And with the largest collection of targeted streaming services in the world, AMC Networks seems to be fulfilling its mission.

And, with streaming as a focus in the current the writers’ and actors’ strikes looming large over the entertainment world right now, having a rich content library in its coffers could pay dividends for AMC Networks. Though for the moment, Granito shares that she’s not too worried.

“From our standpoint, we’re in a pretty good place from now through the end of next year,” Granito says. “Something like [a strike] puts pressure on the entire industry because so much is reliant on new content. Our fingers and toes are crossed that this is going to resolve itself soon.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Granito shares why AMC’s programming strategy focuses on doubling down on its most popular franchises and bundling its streaming services.