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Zulily’s Denise Jaeschke on simplifying shopping for moms

As one of the biggest digital department stores on the internet, Zulily operates with a simple mission: serving moms in the best way it can. The brand has matured since it focused on flash deals after launching in 2010. Now Zulily offers name brands at bargains, while simplifying the shopping process for moms. That mission is personal to its VP of integrated customer marketing, Denise Jaeschke.

“I grew up in South America,” Jaeschke says on The Current Podcast. “My mom was extremely frugal. The brands were so important, especially as a teenager. And I think Zulily does this really well, in the sense of offering those favorite brands at a great price, which is a story that resonates with me. I love shopping for my kids at Zulily for that same reason.”   

In this episode, Jaeschke also goes over the evolution of the company’s brand, growing its network of mom influencers, and what “mom truths” are.