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Sling’s Ajinkya Joglekar on humanizing data

As our lives increasingly take place in front of screens, it can be easy for marketers to find themselves awash in data and lose sight of who they’re trying to reach: people. Ajinkya Joglekar, Sling’s SVP of marketing, recognizes this environment as a key challenge. Joglekar, who has been at Sling since 2022, aims to humanize data and strengthen the one-to-one relationship between the brand and its customers.

His wealth of experience leading customer acquisition and innovation at Comcast and JPMorgan Chase led him to Sling, which is evolving from its 2015 origins as a live-streaming provider and toward the free ad-supported television (FAST) space with its new product Freestream.

With the bevy of options in the connected TV (CTV) arena, Joglekar explained on The Current Podcast how Sling is working for customers.

“For us, fragmentation is really an opportunity,” Joglekar says. “It’s getting harder and harder for a customer to know where their favorite content lives. What we actually want to do is help simplify that. We’re a simple way to watch the content you care about at a price you can feel good about as well.”

In this episode, Joglekar also discussed streaming measurement, why giving customers flexibility is paramount, and how he implements his experience with developing apps into his marketing philosophy.