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Nissan’s Allyson Witherspoon says digital showrooms see 20 percent higher conversions

As a top five automaker, and recently ranked #1 in the U.S. by Reputation, Nissan is no stranger to staying ahead of opportunities around the bend. This is especially true under the leadership of U.S. CMO, Allyson Witherspoon. Whether it’s debuting a new e-commerce platform to meet customer demand during a time when dealership visits were impossible, or reimagining launches for 10 new models this year, Allyson leads Nissan’s marketing efforts with creativity and compassion.

In this episode, we get a chance to learn how she navigated a transformative year for auto, from semiconductor chip shortages affecting inventory to a massive industry shift toward electrification, all while maintaining a sharp focus on what drives her: building life-long bonds with customers.