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Mint Mobile’s Aron North explains why failure is the key to success

Mint Mobile is the new cool kid on the block in the wireless provider space. With its off-the-cuff, humorous ads, youthful presence on TikTok, and famous owner Ryan Reynolds, the company is intentionally positioning itself as the upstart in the space. Behind all of Mint Mobile’s marketing is Aron North, who is turning that scrappy spirit into a North Star for the brand.

“We’re failing constantly,” North says on The Current Podcast. “But most people never see these failures. But what they do see is the wins. And when we see something hit and it’s a win, I cannot put enough money behind it as fast as I can. And that’s sort of one of our secret sauces is that we have an ecosystem where people can be creative, there’s a warm blanket of risk they can wrap themselves in and not feel like they’re going to get hurt or punished or you’re going to get a crummy review. That’s okay, this is part of marketing.”

In this episode, North also shares how the team creates ads so quickly and the dynamics of his relationship with Reynolds.