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Liquid Death’s Hamid Saify on a punk rock approach to marketing water

There are a lot of water brands on the market. In fact, the market for bottled water in the United States is estimated to be around $20 billion. And yet, the founders of Liquid Death Mountain Water found an innovative way to enter this market with an in-your-face brand — in a can with a skull on it — that blows away all preconceptions about how to market water. In just four short years, the startup has amassed more Instagram followers than any other brand on the market. The company has a simple but brilliant marketing strategy that has nothing to do with the traditional playbook. For a start its tag line is “murder your thirst.” It’s a very punk rock way to sell water. We sit down with Hamid Saify, the VP of ecommerce for Liquid Death to crack open a tall boy of water and talk about how the brand achieved success.