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Snap’s Doug Frisbee on staying at the forefront of AR

It may be hard to imagine now, but social media’s earliest days began on desktops. It wasn’t until the advent of the iPhone in 2007 that consumers increasingly shifted their social media usage to smartphones.

To Doug Frisbie, Snap’s VP of global business marketing, that migration from desktop to mobile is the most significant change in the history of social media networks. Frisbie said on The Current Podcast that the move to mobile made advertising more integrated, and now to continue building on that, Snap has set its sights on a new frontier: augmented reality (AR).

“AR really takes [integrated advertising] even a step further and allows you to put yourself into a brand,” Frisbie says. “That’s something marketers have always been trying to do. As we evolve beyond mobile, we’ll continue to see that proliferation.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Frisbie discusses how the company is leaning into — what else — AI. Plus, its approach to social commerce and why international growth has been a key driver in reaching over a billion users.