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Carat’s Mike Law on the importance of a diverse workforce

Twelve years into his career, Mike Law took a self-described “sabbatical” from advertising holding company Dentsu when he moved client side to be Director of Media at Pfizer. In the third season of The Current Podcast, Law describes how he’s using the lessons he learned at Pfizer in his second go-around with Dentsu, where he now serves as CEO of the award-winning agency, Carat U.S.

Law also touches on the recent work he’s most proud of (hint: it has to do with the Covid-19 pandemic), why former college student-athletes can thrive in advertising even if they don’t have any experience, the value of working for an agency today, and why he loves working in advertising.

“Everything that happens in the world, whether it be Hollywood or real geopolitical issues, has an impact on us and for us,” Law says. “We watch TV kind of cautiously, because we are like, okay, whatever happens next I'm going to have to think about what that means for my clients and my brands, but it also makes it a really exciting business.”