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Campbell’s Marci Raible on why ‘Not all data is created equal'

Campbell Soup Company is synonymous with memories of Mom making soup. Nowadays, the 153-year-old company still wants to hold on to that authentic branding, but to do so in the modern age. Campbell has been refining its data-driven strategies with Marci Raible, vice president of integrated marketing, at the helm.

“It’s really easy to ask for a lot of data, but having the strategy for the data you need and how you are going to execute is critically important,” Raible says on The Current Podcast. “Otherwise, you can get paralyzed.”

Retail media is also a key data driver for Campbell. On the podcast, Raible discusses how retail media has become a catch-all umbrella term, the innovations she would like to see with advertising on streaming platforms, and how to find new ways to connect with consumers who have been surrounded by the Campbell’s brand since they were kids.

“How are we evolving with them as their lifestyle has changed? It’s really easy to just say, ‘We want to change. We’re going to be whatever, you know, is happening today.’ And to me, that just doesn't work,” she says. “We must be authentically Campbell. It’s understanding who we are as a brand, but then doing it with a modern twist. That is really the difference.”