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Cadillac’s Melissa Grady Dias on the drive to become an entirely EV brand by 2030

Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady Dias always knew she wanted to be in advertising. As a kid, she performed plays with commercial breaks and counted fictional ad executive Angela Bower, from the 1980s sitcom Who’s the Boss?, as a role model.

Decades later, Grady Dias has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 50 most influential CMOs in the world. She shared on The Current Podcast that her “symbiotic relationship between right and left brain” is crucial to her success in advertising.

“I am very data and technology driven, but I also am very insight driven and love to understand what drives human beings and what makes them love things or not like things,” Grady Dias says. “So the combination of those things, I think, really kind of sets me up in how I develop my teams and my organizations.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Grady Dias goes into marketing toward a future of electric cars and brand marketing versus performance marketing.