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Publicis Health Media President Andrea Palmer on connecting health and wellness

Health care advertising hopes to connect people with health and wellness products to help them lead a healthy life. That connection, though, must be multifaceted, bringing together both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer advertising. Andrea Palmer, president of Publicis Health Media, shared on The Current Podcast that both sides have to inform each other at every juncture.

“It’s one of the few industries where the magic has to intersect,” Palmer says. “You can do the best job telling the story to a patient, and if the provider is uninformed, they’re not going to write the product. It’s one of the few industries where one uninformed party — between the pharmacy, the physician, the patient, the insurance company — one of those things could disrupt the entire journey. So it’s really important to coordinate the way that the marketing plans unfold to ensure that you remove the barriers throughout the supply chain.”

Palmer also dives into what health care media is learning from the beauty sector’s approach to advertising, her journey to healthcare, and the importance of staying innovative.

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