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The Weather Company's Randi Stipes on why weather is the original influencer

As summer nears its end and fall approaches in North America and Europe, pool days will increasingly be replaced by falling leaves. For many people, as the weather changes, so does their moods. It’s why Randi Stipes, CMO of The Weather Company and VP of Brand Marketing at IBM, calls weather “the original influencer,” sharing on The Current Podcast company research that shows 82 percent of people say the weather impacts how they feel.

“When we really stop and we’re intentionally thinking about it, weather is impacting every single person on the planet every day in the decisions that they make, big and small,” Stipes says. “Being able to tap in to those consumer behaviors — you know, we always talk about right person, right place, right time. Being able to tap in to those behaviors is golden. It’s also more important than ever because our weather’s becoming more erratic.”

Stipes also shares on the podcast how the company’s data hopes to play a part in improving people’s mental health, why science is paramount to creating the trust people feel for the company, and how brands can engage with weather data.