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Foxtel Media’s Mark Frain on why improving the customer experience is top of mind for the streaming age

Television is changing around the world as the medium shifts more toward streaming amid the proliferation of connected TV.

Australia is no exception.

Mark Frain — CEO of Foxtel Media, the advertising arm of Australian pay-TV company Foxtel — joins The Current Podcast to dish on how Foxtel is embracing these shifts in the industry. He says that four or five years ago, under 10% of its subscribers were streaming customers; now that number is nearly 70%. And three years ago, he says that 7% or 8% of ad revenue came from digital, while that number will likely be closer to 60% heading into the next financial year.

“We’ve got to continue to evolve the customer and product experience,” Frain says. “There’s not a moment to stand still in this streaming environment […] I think customer expectations are so high, and whatever we do in terms of the customer experience and the ad experience, we’ve got to make sure that that total value equation stacks up.”

Frain also discusses the potential for bundling and how streaming is leveling the playing field for live sports.