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Intuit’s Dave Raggio on creating a media network for small businesses

Some of the best business ideas come from solving your own pain points. When Dave Raggio, VP of SMB MediaLabs at Intuit, first joined the company leading QuickBooks’ acquisition marketing, he realized that data on small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) was hard to find, and often inaccurate.

That’s when the idea of making Intuit’s data on SMBs available to advertisers took shape. “It really came from my personal frustration in trying to reach SMBs for my day job,” says Raggio.

SMB MediaLabs is now riding the next wave of retail media, one where advertisers can take data off-site and apply it across their campaigns, irrespective of channel.

“We are more of an audience network that can be layered on to any part of your ad buy that’s programmatic,” says Raggio. “What we’re adding is just a very deterministic, one-to-one knowledge and accuracy that didn’t exist.”

Elsewhere, Raggio shares why SMB MediaLabs doesn’t own inventory, how it prioritizes privacy for its customers, and the reason consumer and CPG brands are turning to Intuit’s data.