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Going the Distance

There’s something about The Olympics. This year’s events from Tokyo were a welcome source of wonder and amazement. We shared in many moments of greatness, and occasionally disappointment. We watched in awe of the physical and mental strength, which took on additional meaning during the continued global pandemic. We took comfort in the return of an honored tradition, yet the lack of spectators reminded us that these games were unlike any others.

Over the past year and a half, many people at The Trade Desk have found their inner Olympians. We have come to rely on each other for endurance, energy, spirit, and support. We’ve cheered each other on and helped each other in ways that we never expected, finding our common bonds as a global family. We continue to do our best, not knowing what the coming months will bring. That is why receiving our fifth ‘medal’ as one of Fortune’s Best Small & Medium Workplaces means even more this year.

Earning a place on the Fortune Best Workplaces List means we scored successfully in the high hurdles of respect, credibility, fairness, pride, and camaraderie – the areas that contribute to a culture of trust. As an organization, we have been preparing for this ‘event’ for many years as we nurtured our workplace culture. Guiding the way were our five core values – vision, agility, grit, generosity, openness, and full-heartedness. These shared values, defined and lived by our people, continue to steer us through all the twists and turns that the pandemic presents.

Perhaps the most compelling quality of the Olympics is hope. We see this hope realized when athletes earn the very first medals for their countries or turn in a world-class performance in the face of considerable odds. We see hope in the diverse backgrounds of the participants, scoring victories and visibility for the many communities they represent. We see hope in the new faces that flash across our screen, joining familiar ones who are still competing and setting records. We find hope in the awareness and discussion of mental wellness for all Olympians, bringing a renewed openness to actions that support a healthy state of mind.

At The Trade Desk, we are confident that our future will continue to offer great careers and opportunities for our 1,800 team members, in an inclusive and psychologically safe environment. We look forward to expanding our record of innovation, advancing our industry, and bringing maximum business value to our clients and partners.

We are proud to share the stage with all the organizations who are part of Fortune’s 2021 Best Small & Medium Workplaces. When you compete with the finest in your field, you might emerge as one the best in the world. Just ask an Olympian.