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Francesca’s Traci Graziani on merging in-person experiences with digital

For Francesca’s first connected TV (CTV) campaign, the jewelry maker leaned on one of the most essential parts of its business — its fan base. The company hosted a party for members of its loyalty program, which it calls its Fran Club, and turned the party into an ad.

Francesca’s VP of marketing Traci Graziani shared on The Current Podcast that this merging of in-person experiences with digital is an intentional part of the company’s marketing strategy.

“Driving store traffic is a huge lever for our business,” Graziani says. “We need to do that and we have to do that in creative ways, so CTV is certainly one of those more top funnel [levers], but that is fueling both boutique traffic, as well as digital.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Graziani shares what she thinks the future of retail will be, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé’s effect on sales, and how a Dolly Parton quote influences her perspective.