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Lenovo CMO Emily Ketchen on delivering tech with diversity

Lenovo’s Global VP and CMO, Emily Ketchen, says diversity is the cornerstone of Lenovo’s business, allowing the company to connect to its customers around the world.

And it’s more than just talk — Lenovo works in 180 markets, with Ketchen sharing that 36 percent of Lenovo employees are women and 29 percent of those women are in technical roles. The tech company was named one of the best places to work by Forbes, as well as being a part of Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index.

“Great innovation at the end of the day requires diversity to deliver that our technology has to be built by all,” Ketchen says on The Current Podcast.

Ketchen also goes into how moving a lot as a kid shaped her love for changes and her ability to find comfort in being uncomfortable, why Lenovo is targeting Gen Z so heavily, and how the company is valuing generative AI.