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Klarna’s David Sandström on disrupting “one of the most hated industries in the world”

When Klarna’s CMO, David Sandström, was concepting the brand’s image and identity, he took inspiration from Apple’s iPod. The similarities between Klarna (which works in the financial sector and is widely known for its “buy now, pay later” product) and Apple may not be immediately apparent, but Sandström shared on The Current Podcast that he could see the parallels.

“[Apple took] a very techy product such as an MP3 player and combined that with design, with touch, with emotion,” Sandström said. “That hadn’t really been done before. And I was thinking along similar lines when it came to financial services. Now what happens if we combine that technology and that proposition with design, with beauty, with fun, with energy.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Sandström shares why Klarna’s campaign with Snoop Dogg is special to him, being a disruptor in the financial services space, and why he thinks every creative in advertising should work at an agency at some point.