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Crunch Fitness’s Chad Waetzig on getting strong first-party data

Every brand has a niche within the audience it reaches. For the national gym brand Crunch Fitness, it’s focused on the highly valued 18-to-34 crowd of gymgoers. Or would-be gymgoers.

“Our core consumer is somebody that we call young, strong and social — they are our North Star,” Crunch CMO Chad Waetzig says on The Current Podcast. “They’re the group we focus on.”

Around 60% of Crunch’s member base is between the ages of 18 and 34, and Waetzig says digital media is the best way to reach that audience. Connected TV is a key channel for Crunch to build awareness with new potential consumers in that age range.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Waetzig discusses developing Crunch’s on-demand workout streaming app, Crunch+, which can track the perfect workout time to optimize the experience for its members. He also has data-driven insights into which U.S. state may be the fittest.