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ADT’s DeLu Jackson on why the marketing funnel is more like an ‘infinity loop’ now

To say that the advertising landscape has changed in ADT’s nearly 150-year history would be an understatement.

DeLu Jackson, EVP and CMO of the home-security company, observes that the marketing funnel isn’t so much a funnel anymore as it is an “infinity loop” amid the proliferation of omnichannel strategies.

“People are gathering information pre, during, even after they purchase,” Jackson tells The Current Podcast. “They continue to gather information, reaffirm and optimize their choices. It’s not a funnel that goes to the bottom and people stop. I think people continue to consume information and insights. So, I think we have to be always on and omnipresent to meet those needs.”

Jackson also speaks about targeting different generations across the brand’s history, the potential impact of the state of housing markets on strategies and partnering with Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins.

“When you look at that from a pure media perspective, live sports and sports in general have broad-reach audiences and they have sequentially different audiences based on events and locations,” he says. “And so they give us a lot of great reach and in some cases, great frequency.”